An Herbal Rest and More Garlic


It is important when using Worm Out to follow the 10 days on/ 10 days off/ 10 days on.  We timed our Worm Out usage so that our 10 days off would start the day we left for vacation.  Our second round of herbs only lasted for 2 days of our vacation so I enjoyed not having to try to carry the herbs around with me everywhere we went.  

Honestly, I did not expect to have much happen during the “off” cycle.  Mostly I felt awesome during this phase.  I incorporated the garlic again and made sure to drink lots of water.

On the 3rd “off” day I passed a long worm in a bowel movement.  I honestly considered pulling it out to measure because it was so big but, no, so not going to happen.  It was easily 2-3 feet long.  I was shocked and grossed out.   I’m curious about how long it has been living inside of me but don’t want to put too much thought in it…  I did feel encouraged to know positive change was coming!

I did have increased acne during the herbal break.  Acne hasn’t been something I’ve dealt with much so this surprised me.  It only stuck around for a few days.  My son and I both found ourselves wanting to drink more water and he was excited to get back on the Worm Out because he liked the taste!

Our Worm Out break was mostly uneventful, next week I’ll share what our second 10 days on Worm Out was like.

I’m a blogger, not a doctor, and I don’t want this to be viewed as medical advice.  I’m simply sharing my experiences and observations with you.  If you believe you have a parasite please visit with a trusted practitioner.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amanda lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and son.  In addition to blogging and social media for TriLight she works as a Virtual Assistant with several other businesses. She enjoys studying about herbs, essential oils and natural remedies. Currently she is taking a comprehensive herbalism program. In her free time she enjoys crafts, the outdoors, bullet journals, hand lettering, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse.  She’s currently following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)  and can often be found cooking. Recently her family purchased a vintage Airstream which they plan to renovate and live in full-time so they’ve been busily downsizing, and working to become a Zero Waste household.  Feel free to hop on over to her blog and learn more!

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