Bring back the Herbs!

The morning we started taking Worm Out again was kind of a hoot. My son was SO excited to start taking it again! The 
glycerine makes it taste so sweet that it was really almost like a special treat for him :)

Round 2 was not as intense as round 1 had been but we did experience some symptoms.  I had some minor dizziness halfway through for a couple of days.  This is common during a cleanse and didn’t really affect things a whole lot.  I passed a couple more worms in bowel movements.  Some people will bring them to a practitioner to figure out exactly what worms they have, if you’re interested you can chat with your MD or a holistic doc.  I didn’t see any more in my son’s bowel movements but they often become impacted so you will likely not see them all come out.

We were actually at Disneyland during the second round of Worm Out and neither one of us had sweet cravings and I had more energy than I remember having in years.  We had a 14 hour day at California Adventure and I felt amazing.  If you’ll remember from my initial symptoms, we almost canceled the trip about two months prior because I had been feeling so poorly.

Another positive that we noticed was we both fell asleep a lot more quickly in the evenings.  My son typically tosses and turns a bit before bed and that stopped around day 3 of our second round of worm out.  His increased urination returned and he did have a couple more accidents as well.

My brain fog went away and I felt amazing by the time our 10-day cycle was up.  We visited with some family members while on vacation and they all remarked how glad they were to see me have so much more energy and feeling so great!

In all honestly, I almost didn’t want to stop taking the Worm Out after day 10 was over.  Next week I’ll share how we’ve been feeling since we wrapped up in July.


I’m a blogger, not a doctor, and I don’t want this to be viewed as medical advice.  I’m simply sharing my experiences and observations with you.  If you believe you have a parasite please visit with a trusted practitioner.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amanda lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and son.  In addition to blogging and social media for TriLight she works as a Virtual Assistant with several other businesses. She enjoys studying about herbs, essential oils and natural remedies. Currently she is taking a comprehensive herbalism program. In her free time she enjoys crafts, the outdoors, bullet journals, hand lettering, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse.  She’s currently following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)  and can often be found cooking. Recently her family purchased a vintage Airstream which they plan to renovate and live in full-time so they’ve been busily downsizing, and working to become a Zero Waste household.  Feel free to hop on over to her blog and learn more!

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