Tips for Relief from Stomach Bugs

It is the look and sound every parent dreads; a sudden pale white face, a groan and a full-speed run to the potty.  Stomach bugs have started going around in full force!  They seem to spread like wildfire as soon as the weather starts to cool off.  

Fortunately there are a lot of ways to help provide relief from stomach bugs and flu.  Some of these may even help with recovery from food poisoning or upset stomach from holiday foods!

Ginger and lemon teaTop Tips for Relief From Stomach Bugs!

  • traffic-stop-signSTOP, NURTURE and REST– this is hard.  Especially for all you busy Mama’s out there.  When your body is dealing with a major digestive issue, do all you can do to rest.  Reach out for help as you need it, give yourself permission to let things slide for a couple days and take care of yourself.  Nurture yourself, then nurture others!  You’ll kick the bug a lot faster. ~This also applies to your stomach.  During a bug, it is good to stop eating and consume clear liquids for a while to nurture your gut and give it some rest!


  • Ginger– Ginger tea is extremely soothing. You can purchase pre-made ginger tea or chop up some fresh ginger and simmer it in some water.  Ginger ale, ginger chews, and ginger added to foods is useful too.


      • This is a recipe for a homemade ginger ale from Fearless Eating.  It’s naturally fermented so it does take a couple days to make- this also means that it is a natural source of probiotic!
      • Our Tummy Plus contains ginger among other herbs that are useful for digestion
      • Vintage Remedies has this recipe for ginger chews  


  • BRAT diet– Once your stomach is ready to graduate from clear liquids to food start gently with the BRAT diet.  This consists of: Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast


      • Remember, sometimes it can take a few days to recover from a stomach bug!
      • When you are ready to move on from the BRAT diet make sure to stick to gentle foods without caffeine, spices or excess sweeteners
      • Plain, unsweetened yogurt is another food choice along with the BRAT diet. (other forms of dairy should be avoided)  Try making a yogurt/banana smoothie for kids!
  • water-glassHydrate– As much as possible stay hydrated!  Dehydration is your main concern with stomach bugs.  Sip on some water or suck on some ice chips as much as you can.  Seek medical attention immediately if you get dehydrated!



What other remedies do you use for a stomach bug?  Share them below,  or on our Facebook page!

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