The Top 7 Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

Moms-to-be often end up overlooked around the Holidays.  They get gifts for the baby but don’t always get much for themselves.  Growing a human is tough work!  This year, pamper the expectant Mama in your life with these gift ideas.

preg momsA massage–  This is the #1 thing most expectant mothers say they’d like for themselves.  Massage during any trimester feels awesome, and massage therapists can even help induce labor.  Better yet, get her a massage for now and a certificate for another massage after the baby comes.

Belly cream– Stretch marks and itchy bellies are common in pregnancy.  There are lots of nourishing and all-natural recipes for homemade belly cream online.  Mix some up and place it in a nice jar with a pretty ribbon for the Mama.

Maternity yoga pants-Try to find some organic cotton ones.  Organic cotton is significantly softer than conventional.  Plus you’ve got the added bonus of keeping the chemicals from conventional cotton away from Mama and baby.  Plus, yoga pants are just about the best things ever.

#7 IGPregnancy Essentials Kit– This kit contains our 7 most popular pregnancy formulas.  It will keep Mama covered through her entire pregnancy, labor and postpartum with nourishing and fast acting herbal formulas. +

Chocolate– Because, pregnancy.

Date night- If the parents-to-be don’t have any children yet, set up a “date night in a basket” for them with a giftcard for dinner and a movie.  It would be fun to include some table topics with discussion questions for dreaming about life after baby.  If they have children already, include babysitting service too.  

A pedicure- Let’s face it, mom’s-to-be eventually lose the ability to touch their own feel.  Plus when your feet are tired and sore a pedicure is absolutely amazing.  There are a growing number of natural salons popping up and even many catering just to moms-to-be.  Take her out for a girl’s night out and give her some pampering.

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Let’s hear from you Mamas, what are some of your favorite gifts you’ve ever received during pregnancy?  Share in the comments and help provide some other ideas!

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