An Introduction to Dandelion

Dandelion blog

Even though we’re in the thick of winter, dandelions will be in bloom before we know it.  While these yellow flowers are often viewed as a burden for many, we hope to change your opinion by sharing why herbalists love this plant! Herbalists use many parts of the dandelion in … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Cornsilk

HOTD Cornsilk

Considered an extremely valuable material by Native Americans as well as indigenous peoples around the world, today cornsilk is typically discarded as waste.  This stringy substance can be somewhat awkward to deal with on a fresh cob of corn but when dried, it is easy to turn into herbal tinctures, … Continue reading

Herb of the Day- Buchu

Buchu herb

Buchu is a favorite plant in parts of Africa for use in a popular beverage.  This plant has a strong and beautiful smell and is also used as a fragrance.  Traditionally herbalists use buchu for its powerful diuretic ability.  It was Dutch colonists to Africa who eventually brought buchu worldwide … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Plantain

Plantain the herb typically seen growing in abandoned parking lots and popping up in your driveway! Plantain has many uses and is applied topically in a poultice or salve, as well as ingested in teas, tinctures, and capsules.

Plantain is one of the hardiest plants out there!  Most likely there is some growing near you; you may have even pulled some from your yard recently as a weed.  Many people hear the word plantain and think of one of these banana-like fruits common in Latin cuisine. This is … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape Root is often used in place of the endangered goldenseal.  It has many of the beneficial anti-microbial benefits of goldenseal.

Last week we looked at Goldenseal, today we’ll look at Oregon Grape Root which is often used in place of the endangered goldenseal.  It has many of the beneficial anti-microbial benefits of goldenseal, but does not affect the blood sugar like goldenseal.  This is a beautiful plant of which many … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Uva Ursi

TriLight Health's Herb of the Day-

Uva Ursi Uva Ursi is a lesser known herb by humans but the favorite treat of bears!  In fact bears love it so much that it’s often referred to as “bearberry” for the berries on these evergreen bushes that bears absolutely love.  Medicinally the leaves have been used for centuries … Continue reading

Herb of the Day Rosehips


It seems everyone gets to thinking about roses right about Valentine’s Day.  Did you know that Rosehips have some pretty incredible herbal powers as well?  Rosehips are the fruit that grow after the flower.  The fruit itself is incredibly bitter but after it is dried it lends itself nicely in … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Juniper Berry

Juniper berries are not true berries- instead, their name is derived from their berry like appearance. At times you can find them used as a spice, in gin, or for their healing properties. Their use dates back generations where Native American tribes are said to have used juniper berry as … Continue reading