Winter Skin Care

Herbal SkinCare

Wintertime, for many of us, brings cold and dry air.  This air can be harsh on our skin and make it dry out.  Cracked, dry skin with painful small sores are not uncommon in the wintertime.   We’ve got three products that are popular among our customers with skin conditions, … Continue reading

Burdock, the precursor to Velcro????

Burdock blog

Did you know that velcro was inspired by an herb?   Burdock is covered in hooks similar to velcro.   The inventor of velcro noticed how those hooks stuck to his clothing and invented the hook and loop system we all know so well today!  It is this ability to “hook” onto … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Pipsissewa

HOTD Pippissewa

Pipsissewa was a favorite herb among Native Americans and early European settlers.  This small evergreen derives its name from a Canadian dialect (called Cree) and is translated into English as “it breaks into small pieces.”  The name is derived from the traditional herbal use for Pipsissewa for breaking apart kidney … Continue reading