Contract Ease

Contract Ease Cover photo

So far this month we’ve taken you through conception with B-Fruitful, early pregnancy with Morning Soothe and today we’re going to look at Contract Ease for delivery. Many first time mothers are surprised by afterbirth pains and cramping. As the uterus shrinks back, it can cause intense pain! Breastfeeding can … Continue reading

Mommy Must Have: Hear No Evil

Ear aches are one of the most common childhood ailments and can be rough for kids to deal with. Sleepless nights, crankiness, and irritability often accompany ear pain leaving any child (or adult) with lots of discomfort. Hear No Evil is here to help!  This is one of our top sellers … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Scullcap (Skullcap)

Also known as “mad dog weed” scullcap (also spelled skullcap) has been used to treat rabies in dogs as well as a number of ailments for humans.

This beautiful plant is named for the flowers it grows which resemble helmets worn by ancient European soldiers.  Widely used among Native Americans, in Chinese Medicine, and among ancient European healers, Scullcap can be consumed in teas, tinctures, or extracts.  The herb does have a bitter flavor so many prefer … Continue reading