Herbal Holiday Decoration Ideas

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Using herbs as part of your holiday decorations are a great way to add character, scent and create a truly unique decoration.  We’ve compiled a list of ideas from around the web for how to incorporate herbs this Holiday season. A classic simmer pot is always a lovely option for this time … Continue reading

Herbal Thanksgiving Ideas

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Early American settlers and Native Americans had a thorough understanding of how to use the herbs local to them both for flavoring and medicinal purposes.  Nowadays we may use sage, thyme or parsley in our Thanksgiving meal but likely don’t think to utilize herbs much beyond that.  This year we’re … Continue reading

Understanding the Various Forms of Herbal Preparations

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A desire for using natural and herbal remedies is on the rise across the nation.   A basic search can yield thousands of “home remedies” and ways to utilize herbs. It can easily become an information overload.   We’d like to break each herbal preparation method down for you to help … Continue reading