FAQ- Using Herbs During Pregnancy


Since we’re looking at all things related to our Pregnancy formulas this month, we thought we’d take a look at using herbs in pregnancy. This is a question many mothers’s have, and rightly so. We want to provide our baby’s with the healthiest place to grow and thrive! There is … Continue reading

FAQ- What decreases the effectiveness of herbal remedies?


Herbs can be extremely effective and powerful blessings in our health journey. Useful for acute situations, chronic ailments, and everyday wellness.  At TriLight we’re often asked what may decrease the effectiveness of our herbal remedies. First of all, it’s important to make a distinction between herbal remedies and synthetic vitamins … Continue reading

FAQ Answered: TriLight products and Medication

The use of herbs is certainly gaining popularity as people are seeking our natural remedies and solutions for themselves and their families.  Many people often wonder about utilizing herbs alongside prescription or over the counter medication.  Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straight up “yes” or “no” answer as each … Continue reading

FAQ Answered- Why don’t you just tell me what formula to use for what symptom I have?

Tell Me What to Use

We’re asked on a regular basis if we can tell you which products you “should” use based on your specific symptoms/situation.  TriLight Health employees aren’t licensed practitioners and therefore we can’t prescribe anything for you.  Please be patient with us. It is against the law for us to prescribe and … Continue reading

FAQ Answered- TriLight and multivitamin/ pre-natals

Mineral Instead of MultiVitamin

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is in regards to our mineral formulas being taken in place of a multivitamin or prenatal. Can I take your mineral formula instead of a multivitamin or a pre-natal?  Ex) “I’m looking at your Original Herbal Minerals and trying to understand if … Continue reading

FAQ Answered- TriLight and Breastfeeding

Can TriLight formulas be used by nursing mothers?

It’s National Breastfeeding Month so we wanted to make sure to answer one of the top questions we get at TriLight We have a section that is specifically considered pregnancy safe here. As with anything, please check with your doctor if you have any other concerns or are taking another … Continue reading

How much Calcium is in your Mineral Formulas?

how much calcium is in your original herbal minerals?

Question: How much Calcium does your Original Herbal Minerals formula contain? Answer: It’s not just how much but how much calcium and minerals is in the product, but the percentage that your body can absorb and utilize that needs to be considered. Let’s use some easy math as an example, if … Continue reading

Can I combine several formulas at the same time?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I combine several formulas at the same time? A:  This is a common question that we get. Try to make sure the formulas have some coordinated effect. You would not want to take a laxative and anti-diarrhea formula at the same time! The vast variety of herbs and … Continue reading