Herb of the Day: Spirodela


Today’s herb is a plant you have most likely seen & had no idea was used by herbalists.  Spirodela is also known as duckweed, a plant that appears in still water and is a favorite food for ducks and birds.  You have most likely seen duckweed growing in still ponds, lakes, … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Cornsilk

HOTD Cornsilk

Considered an extremely valuable material by Native Americans as well as indigenous peoples around the world, today cornsilk is typically discarded as waste.  This stringy substance can be somewhat awkward to deal with on a fresh cob of corn but when dried, it is easy to turn into herbal tinctures, … Continue reading

Herb of the Day- Pleurisy

Pleurisy herb traditional uses, TriLight Lungs Plus, TriLight Lung Tonic

Pleurisy is one of the few herbs with a name that reflects its use.  The primary use for this herb is treatment of, you guessed it, pleurisy.  This plant is a favorite of migrating monarch butterflies who feast on the beautiful orange flowers.   It is the pleurisy root that is … Continue reading