Herb of the Day: Red Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry leaves are most well known among those in the birth community.  Midwives, doulas, and even OBs suggest red raspberry leaf to women during pregnancy.  This beautiful leaf is suggested to women as a uterine tonic to strengthen the smooth muscles of the uterus.  It is said that regular … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Motherwort

Some herbalists say motherwort is the very best herb for the uterus available and it is used worldwide.  This herb can be used internally or externally.  While most uses are applicable for female health issues a number of other conditions benefit from motherwort.

If you’ve been reading our Herb of the Day posts for a while, you’ll know typically the name of a herb has nothing to do with the herb’s use.  Motherwort is one of the exceptions to that rule as it is an ancient herb used to help with childbirth and … Continue reading