How YOU Use it… Soothing Salve


One of our June Items of the Month is Soothing Salve.  Check out how our customers use this great product!

Herb of the Day: St John’s Wort

HOTD St Johns Wort

Named after John the Baptist there are a number of theories as to why this plant has its name.  Some say it was his favorite plant, others say it is due to the fact that the flowers bloom around St. John’s Day and others state it’s because of the coloring of … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Pipsissewa

HOTD Pippissewa

Pipsissewa was a favorite herb among Native Americans and early European settlers.  This small evergreen derives its name from a Canadian dialect (called Cree) and is translated into English as “it breaks into small pieces.”  The name is derived from the traditional herbal use for Pipsissewa for breaking apart kidney … Continue reading