Herb of the Day: Ginger

HOTD Ginger

It seems like the period of time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is full of food, sweets, and full bellies!  Fortunately, ginger is an excellent and easy herb to have on hand to help combat any digestive discomforts that might come into your home this time of year.  Widely available … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Cloves

HOTD Cloves

Cloves are a favorite spice this time of year.  With a rich, warm aroma and a distinct flavor, cloves are an excellent warming addition to Holiday dishes.  Documented use of cloves goes all the way back to 207 B.C.!   Cloves contain a number of vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: False Unicorn

HOTD False Unicorn

Today is Halloween, time for children of all ages to imagine and pretend!  Perhaps your child chose to dress up like a unicorn? This herb derives its name from the flower stalk which resembles a unicorns horn.  It is also known as fairy wand- what an appropriate plant for Halloween! … Continue reading