May Item of the Month- Pregnancy & Nursing Formulas!

When we decided to do the “Item of the Month” this year, we had initially selected a single item for May.   After a while, we decided it would be fun to feature all our Pregnancy & Nursing formulas for a month long celebration of Moms!  

We’re Honored to be Included

One of the things that has truly been an honor for us at TriLight has been having so many moms-to-be share part of their special journey with us.  To know that we’ve helped you conceive, ease pregnancy woes and nourish your sweet babies has been humbling.  We’ve been in business long enough now that we’re hearing stories from Grandmothers who used our products with their children who are now using our products with their young children.  Every time we hear a multi-generational story it brightens our days!

We would also LOVE to see photos of your precious babies, and growing bellies :) Feel free to share with us on Facebook, Instagram or via email.  Celebrating and sharing the journey of motherhood with you is something we truly enjoy and we thank you for bringing TriLight along.  

Month of Mom!

May newsletter imageAll month long, ALL of our Pregnancy & nursing formulas will be 10% off.  We’ll also be featuring something special around Mother’s Day and rolling out something new!  An important note, the discount will be added at check-out but is not reflected on each individual product page.  The blog, newsletter and social media will celebrate moms too!

Specially Formulated

There are a number of herbs which are not suggested for use during pregnancy.  All of our formulas have been carefully crafted to ensure they’ll be safe, fast acting and great tasting.  Many of our formulas were created with the help of Shonda Parker, an herbalist who specializes in Women’s health and pregnancy.   Our formulas are popular with midwives, birthing centers, and doulas. We hear from Mamas in all kinds of birthing scenarios who use our products and moms who have helped turn a friend on to the world of herbs by using our products during pregnancy.  

Our products are designed to take a woman through conception, pregnancy, delivery, and nursing.  NRG is used by Mamas of all ages to help provide them with a little energy boost, and mothers love Original Herbal Minerals throughout their lives and for their children.  We also feature two books by Shonda Parker, Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, and Naturally Healthy Woman.  These books help educate and empower women and are a treasured and favorite gift.

The Formulas Are:

B-Fruitful – Pregnancy and Fertility Support

Infertility, conception, pregnancy support & hormone balancing for a healthy womb.*

Carry On – Miscarriage Support

Contains herbs traditionally used to prevent miscarriage.*

CirculaTone – Circulation Support

Created with herbs used to improve circulation, strengthen veins and capillaries, increase blood flow, improve memory, reducing varicose veins.*

Contract Ease – After Birth Pains and Uterine Cramps

Sedative for pain, relieves depression after birth.*

Gastrocare – Stomach Support

This formula has been used for years by Midwives on their patients for stomach issues.*

Hem Halt – Postpartum Hemorrhage Control

Traditionally used for postpartum hemorrhage control during childbirth by midwives.*

Labor Prep – Uterus Preparation for Childbirth

Used at term to prepare the uterus for childbirth.*

Lung Tonic – Respiratory Support – Pregnancy Safe

Pregnancy safe formula for respiratory support. Also for chronic respiratory, cold, flu, allergy, or hayfever.*

Mastitix – Mastitis Support – Midwife Approved

Designed for mastitis support during times of clogged milk ducts and/or breast infections.*

MegaMam – Increase Breast Milk

Traditionally used to increase breast milk and aid relaxation.*

Morning Soothe – Morning Sickness Support

Morning sickness support. Used to settle the stomach during times of nausea during pregnancy.*

Move E-Z – Constipation Support Herbal Organic Remedy

Constipation & bowel support.*

N R G – Caffeine and Sugar Free Energy Booster

Add our Doctor formulated NRG to your water, juice or take it straight for a safe and effective energy boost!*

Original Herbal Minerals – Multivitamin – Prenatal Vitamin All Natural Herbal Blend Pregnancy Toddler Safe

Carefully formulated for Mother and baby – Contains mineral-rich herbs high in natural vitamins and easy to assimilate minerals. Over 21 years of safe use as a prenatal and nursing multivitamin!*

RespaClear – Immune Builder and Respiratory Support

A combination of herbs formulated to address respiratory issues, give immune system support, fight viral infections, and soothe an upset stomach.*

Snooze EZ – Sleep Support

Used for the short-term in periods of anxiety or restlessness.*

Start Up – Used to Naturally Induce Labor

Longtime favorite to naturally induce labor.*

Tri-Iron – All Natural Herbal Mineral Iron Supplement Pregnancy Safe

Organic non-heme natural occurring iron. Safest available. Over 21 years safe use.*

Mamas- we’d love to hear from you!  Share in the comments what your “must have” items are from this list.  

Note: TriLight Health employees are not licensed practitioners and cannot prescribe which products you should use. Our comments are educational. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please see our pregnancy safe section. As with all our formulas, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using products with any other medications. Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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