How To: Keep Your Holiday Cards Out of the Recycling Bin!

To a certain extent, mailing out holiday cards seems to be a dying practice.  People are taking their Holiday communications to email and Social Media more than to cards.  So the few Holiday cards we do receive seem all the more precious.  While recycling them is a great option, here are some other ideas to prolong their life even more.

card upcycle

  • Send them to the  St. Jude Recycled Card Program where they’ll be upcycled by the children at St. Jude’s and turned into beautiful new cards.
  • Use the front to write your Thank You notes and mail as a post card.
  • Save the fronts and cut into fun shapes to use as tags for next year’s gifts.
  • Create magnets for gifts next year!
  • Turn them into a collage or a wreath (check out this cute tutorial for a wreath!
  • Make a puzzle for a child’s gift next year.
  • Use them as a backing for Jesse Tree ornaments (1+1+1=1 has a great printable here).
  • Call your local school to see if the art program wants them.
  • Let your kids use them to make a scrapbook.

What other great ideas do you have to reuse your Holiday cards?


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