Herbal Thanksgiving Ideas

Early American settlers and Native Americans had a thorough understanding of how to use the herbs local to them both for flavoring and medicinal purposes.  Nowadays we may use sage, thyme or parsley in our Thanksgiving meal but likely don’t think to utilize herbs much beyond that.  This year we’re encouraging you to experience herbs in a new way through your Thanksgiving meal!

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  • Try some herbal drinks:

    • Start a new batch of kombucha today utilizing your favorite herbal tea (use an extra SCOBY as you can’t reuse one that’s been brewed with herbal tea) for a unique beverage!

    • Do a second ferment of water keifer by adding a strongly brewed herbal infusion.

    • Add some herbs to your favorite cocktail, try something new and unusual- find out what grows locally to you and use that instead of the standard flavoring option you might choose.

    • Make a strongly brewed herbal infusion and mix it with cold sparkling water.

  • Add herbs to your bread:

    • Mix in some fresh or dried herbs to your bread dough for a really lovely flavor.

  • Incorporate herbs into a salad

    • Try fresh or dried herbs that are local to you.  Other ideas that are tasty in a salad include: fennel, cilantro, basil, parsley, ginger, mint, calendula (this will also add a beautiful color!), lavender, or dill in your salad!

  • Use herbs in your stuffing:

    • Most stuffing recipes call for sage- try mixing in something local to you.  Fresh grated ginger also adds a great zing.

  • Make an herbal dessert:

    • Use fresh mint instead of mint extract.

    • Make an herbal infusion and make a sorbet.

    • Get whole herbs to grind and blend your own pumpkin pie spice- the flavor will be unlike anything you’ve ever used!

  • Don’t shy back, add extra!

    • Many recipes go light on herbs- try adding more than a recipe calls for or just go out on a limb and add whatever sounds good to you.

What are your favorite herbal Thanksgiving recipes?

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    Thanks for some great ideas!

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