Herbal Holiday Decoration Ideas

How to: Decorate for the Holidays with herbs!
Using herbs as part of your holiday decorations are a great way to add character, scent and create a truly unique decoration.  We’ve compiled a list of ideas from around the web for how to incorporate herbs this Holiday season.

  • A classic simmer pot is always a lovely option for this time of year- combine herbs like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and citrus peel in a pot of simmering water for a great scent.

  • Herb Garden has these beautiful ornaments made from herbs.

  • Incorporate herbs into your wreaths, Christmas tree, and garlands.  Fresh herbs are easy to weave in, especially herbs like rosemary, sage and fennel.

  • Surround your holiday candles with herbs.  You can make your own candles with dried herbs or essential oils or sit your candles on top of fresh herbs for decoration.

  • Buzzfeed has these beautiful ideas for DIY cards, many incorporate fresh or dried herbs.

  • Make an infused vinegar or oil with fresh or dried herbs- they look beautiful in the jar!


What are your favorite ways to incorporate herbs around the Holidays?

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