Herb of the Day- Mullein

TriLight Health's Herb of the Day: MulleinSo many of the herbs we cover in these posts are commonly written off as weeds.  Mullein is another one of these plants.  Brought over by colonists, this herb has spread nationwide and is one we’re sure you’ve seen!  Commonly found growing alongside highways and in nearly any open field, Mullein is a beautiful plant in addition to a powerful herb.  Traditionally Native Americans smoked this plant- today it is most commonly used in teas, extracts, tinctures, and infused in olive oil.  Each part of the plant, including the flowers, is used in a different way.  This is one of our most used herbs, keep your eyes out for it next time you’re driving along the highway

Traditional Uses

  • Cough
  • Lymphatic Congestion
  • Lung Irritation
  • Asthma
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Sore Throat
  • Diarrhea
  • Sinus Infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Earaches

The Plant

This plant has an extremely distinctive appearance, making it quite easy to identify.  Verbascum thapsu, grows from a single stalk covered in tight flower buds, and yellow flowers.  The entire plant has a hairy appearance, almost resembling velvet,  and the plant grows up to four feet high.  In the Northeast tiny yellow flowers form on the stalk throughout the summer, elsewhere the stalk becomes covered in buds over the summer.  In the fall, empty star-shaped seed pods turn brown and remain on the plant all winter.  Leaves form as a rosette around the tall stalk.  The second-year leaves are the preferred leaves for medicinal use and should be harvested before the first frost.  Flowers can be harvested at any time.

TriLight Health and Mullein

Mullein is found in: Lungs Plus, Sinus Minus, ScoutOut, Flew Away, ASMA, Hear No Evil, Lung Tonic, RespaClear, Earache Relief Wellness Kit

TriLight Health's Flew AwayTriLight Health's Lungs PlusMindy used Flew Away and Lungs Plus I am sure that this product is the reason my daughter was able to sleep when she came down with a nasty cold/cough. This combined with the Flew Away product and Lympha Rub applied to her throat helped her recover much more quickly than she has in the past. I even gave this to a friend’s son while we were on vacation. He stopped coughing and was able to sleep the rest of the night. Bonus – he didn’t cough for the rest of vacation!

TriLight Health's Scout OutTriLight Health's Sinus MinusScoutOut and Sinus Minus helped Gail’s son- Alternated this with scout out for 2yr old just starting the bad sinus infection his brother passed down; he got by with just a touch of the bug!

TriLight Health's ASMAKim S. loves ASMA We LOVE this product. My son has issues with wheezy breathing. We are not at all comfortable with conventional treatments that involve steroids. This product has been great. One dose usually does the trick. On occasion we have used a second dose and it works! This is one product I would not be without.

TriLight Health's Hear No EvilRoddnc says this about Hear No Evil My two year old battled with horrible ear infections every month! Found a review bout this product on a mommy blog decided to give it a try since no antibiotic was working!! Since using it no more ear infections!!! This stuff works !!! Will always have this in stock at my house!!

TriLight Health's Lung TonicMama to Eight uses Lung Tonic Our baby boy (age 15mths.) has been taking this for the past 3 months and is doing well.  We have not had any need for ER visits or hospital stays while he has been taking this.  He takes it without any problem! We are so thankful to have this product in our home!

Brittany B. found relief with RespaClear fever- check; chills- check; head pain and aches- check; hello RespaClear! one day of two doses and the next day, half my symptoms were gone. another day of only one dose (since i got caTriLight Health's RespaClearught up chasing funny kids) all symptoms gone. ALL. Thank God i bought the 8oz bottle to always have on hand!

Wow!  Mullein is one of our most widely-used herbs.  What do you use it for?

Thanks for the reviews everyone!  Don’t forget you can submit your reviews on our website here and earn points towards free products!!

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