Herb of the Day: Fennel


Fennel is an old favorite that is often used for culinary purposes as well as by herbalists.  Typically it is the seed that is utilized by herbalists, but the leaves and flowers are occasionally used and the bulb of the plant is used by chefs.  One of the most distinguishing features of fennel is the flavor, which is often compared to licorice.  A favorite among herbalists for digestive issues, fennel lends its flavor nicely to a wide variety of preparations including tinctures, extracts, and tea; fennel is often used to help “cover” the flavor of less-appealing herbs.


  • Eye Wash
  • Colic
  • Gas
  • Gout
  • Stomach Acid
  • Joint Pain
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Food Poisoning
  • Mucous
  • Galactagogue

The Plant

Fennel has just as distinctive of an appearance as it does flavor.  The plant is native to the Mediterranean region but is now found growing worldwide.   Typically growing about 18 inches high, some plants will grow up to 5 or more feet!  Fennel grows on a  stalk which resembles celery.  The stalk is covered in fragrant whispy green leaves which almost resemble a feather.  Fennel will grow in nearly any climate and is quite easy to grow.  Plant seeds around the last frost and harvest fennel bulbs approximately 3 months after they were planted. Seeds are typically harvested towards the end of the summer.

TriLight Health and Fennel

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TriLight Health's Mega MamTami loves MegaMam
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Katerine M. is amazed by ContractEase
“We have 5 TriLight Health's Contract Easechildren and am expecting our 6th. I had after pains after all of our children. I was VERY amazed that this worked so well. I did not know about it with our first two and wish that I had. I will have it on hand for the one that we are expecting any day now!”

TriLight Health's Sinus MinusChristen has rave reviews about Sinus Minus
“Sinus Minus is AMAZING!! I can’t rave enough about it! I seem to get sinus infections when I’m pregnant and was overjoyed to find something natural and safe to take…that WORKED!!!! Thank you so much for this product!”

TriLight Health's Tummy PlusSingle Mom, Desi wouldn’t be without Tummy Plus
Tummy Plus is something that every single mom should have in her arsenal! I’ve had family members drive 45 miles just because their stomach is hurting and they don’t have any left of their own! It seems to last forever around here, and is worth every penny!”



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Do you enjoy fennel in food or for herbal uses?

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