Fast Facts About Echinacea

Since we’re featuring our Wellness Kits this month, we thought we’d take a look at the herb that is most used in these kits, Echinacea.  This herb is definitely a more household known herb and is found in four of our kits! The Immune System Builder Wellness Kit, Cold and Flu (Day Time) Kit, Cold and Flu (Night Time) Kit, and the EarAche Relief Wellness Kit.

Echinacea flowerThis flower is a member of the daisy family and is used by herbalists and doctors alike.  Many clinical studies have been done on echinacea as well.  Different parts of the plant, flower, roots, and leaves are all used for different purposes.  

Most commonly, echinacea is used during cold & flu season.  It has been studied as an effective immune system booster and is an herb many people aren’t without during the winter season.  It’s a go to for cold, flu, respiratory problems, whooping cough, strep, and many other viral and bacterial illnesses.

Sore throats, mouth pain, and headaches often respond well to echinacea.

Infections are often treated with echinacea, among other herbs.  Including sinus infections, yeast infections, ear infections, mastitis and more.

Research is currently being conducted on the use of echinacea for cancer treatment as well.  While more research is needed, herbalists are excited to see herbal remedies being evaluated.

Psoriasis, eczema and other skin-related problems have been shown to decrease with use of echinacea.  It’s also often used to facilitate wound healing & during chicken pox.    

Echinacea, in small amounts is sometimes used as a laxative or for nausea & upset stomach.

This is used on its own, or combined with other herbs.  Other herbs commonly used alongside echinacea are elderberry, thyme, goldenseal, and red root- although you’ll find many different combinations of this herb!  It’s one of our most commonly used herbs and we’re sure you can see why!!

You’ll also find echinacea in  Sinus Minus, ViraMune, Scout Out, Tummy Plus, Echinacea and Thyme, BactaMune, Soothing Salve, NR Glow, RespaClear, Triple Echinacea and Goldenseal, & Mastitix

Caution should be taken by individuals with autoimmune disease desiring to use echinacea. Some data suggest that it can lead to autoimmune flares and confusion within the immune system in those who have autoimmune problems.  Because this is all so incredibly unique to each individual, it’s always wise to seek outside support from a qualified provider with autoimmune, or any other chronic health condition.  
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