FAQ- What decreases the effectiveness of herbal remedies?

FAQ What decreases the effectiveness of herbs?

Herbs can be extremely effective and powerful blessings in our health journey. Useful for acute situations, chronic ailments, and everyday wellness.  At TriLight we’re often asked what may decrease the effectiveness of our herbal remedies.

First of all, it’s important to make a distinction between herbal remedies and synthetic vitamins & pharmaceuticals.  We’re used to prescriptions and over-the-counter supplements/ medications including long lists of potential side effects, contraindications, negative interactions, etc.   If you’d like to know more about the difference between natural and synthetic vitamins & minerals check out our blog post on the topic here.

Our herbal remedies are different.  They’re not created in a pharmaceutical lab, standardized and synthesized.  Herbs are food. Unless you’re allergic or sensitive to an herb, you should not experience a litany of side-effects.

For the most part, very few things decrease the effectiveness of herbs.  There are methods traditionally used to INCREASE effectiveness and a few things keep in mind to get the most out of your remedies.

Tips to get the best “bang for your buck” from TriLight Remedies

  • Store your herbs in a cool, dry place
    • Our remedies will maintain potency for 3 years.
    • After 3 years, they’re still useable but potency decreases over time.
    • Storing herbs in high heat or exposing open bottles to excess moisture may decrease the potency.
    • Do not use remedies that have an unpleasant odor, appearance, taste, etc.
    • Call us at 971-225-0588 or email support@trilighthealth.com if you have questions about your remedy.
  • Take herbs on an empty stomach
    • There are a handful of exceptions to this, they’ll always be noted!
    • Herbclocks will be better absorbed by the body on an empty stomach.
    • Herbal remedies traditionally work best when taken 30-45 minutes away from meals.
    • Our herbal mineral formulas work best taken throughout the day.  You can add a bit to water and sip it all day long- they’ll absorb best if taken away from fiber.
    • TriLight remedies taste yummy so they don’t need to be masked by food!
  • Make sure you’re taking the right herbs for your needs
    • Make sure to match your remedy to the health concern.
    • Using improper herbs for the situation can have the opposite effect.  For example, using tonic herbs at the onset of a cold/flu may actually strengthen the illness instead of helping your body fight it.
  • Multiple remedies can be used, and remedies can be taken more frequently in acute situations
    • Make sure to alternate remedies by at least 30 minutes and choose remedies targeted towards the same health concerns.
    • In acute situations, remedies may be taken every couple of hours.
    • Consult an herbalist, naturopath or other practitioner with questions.
  • Listen to your body
    • If you suspListening earect an allergy or sensitivity to an herb, stop using it.
    • A serious herbal allergy is rare but they do occur.
    • Herbs in the Asteraceae family are most likely to cause issues for people who suffer from ragweed.
    • If there is a known allergy concern, we will do our best to list it on our Herb of the Day post but always consult with a practitioner with concerns.
  • Check for potential interactions with prescriptions, over-the-counter meds or other remedies you might be taking
    • There are few contraindications or situations where remedies should be avoided.  However, it’s always best to check!
    • Run remedies by your primary healthcare provider to make sure there will not be any interactions.
    • Two of the most common interactions are: St. John’s Wort & Kava Kava should not be combined with antidepressants; Ginkgo can act as a blood thinner, and is therefore not recommended for ones taking anti-clotting medications such as aspirin or coumadin.
  • Giving up when immediate results aren’t seen
    • Herbs can work quickly, many work best when used consistently over a period of time.
    • If you try a remedy and don’t notice results right away, don’t give up!  Your results may come after a period of time.
    • This is especially true with tonic herbs and our mineral formulas.
    • Many holistic practitioners say healing chronic conditions takes about 1-2 months for every year of damage/illness.
  • Don’t stress or worry too much!!
    • As a food, herbs work with your body.  These tips may increase effectiveness but you need to find a balance that works for you!    If you are busy and you can only take your herbs with lunch then that’s OK.  They may not work quite as efficiently but you’ll still get benefits from them.
  • Find support and build a network of care
    • Find a practitioner who is knowledgeable on herbal remedies.
    • Educate yourself through herbal courses (we like Shonda Parker’s courses) and books.
    • The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and Herbs & Essential Oils bundles are both great sources of knowledge, keep an eye on our newsletter for these annual bundles.
    • Join a local natural parenting group
    • Check out your local health food store, many are offering courses on herbal use.
    • Reach out to us at any time!
Note: TriLight Health employees are not licensed practitioners and cannot prescribe which products you should use. Our comments are educational. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please see our pregnancy safe section. As with all our formulas, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using products with any other medications. Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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