Do You Need a Parasite Cleanse?

Stick with me here.  I know it’s unsettling.  Did you know parasites are not just a 3rd world problem?  Experts estimate 50%-75% of Americans have parasites.  They get a bad wrap as being associated with dirty living conditions.  However, parasites are found in the soil, water, and animals.  Here are some fast facts about parasites:

do you need a parasitecleanse_

  • Over 1,000 different types of parasites exist.  Pinworms and tapeworms are the two most common among humans.
  • Transmission occurs primarily through bodily fluids, our pets, food, and water.  Although there are other less-common ways transmission occurs.
  • Most parasites are found in the digestive system.  However, they can reside in other organs and systems as well.
  • Parasites can survive for many years inside our systems and create some major health issues.
  • Cats and dogs frequently get parasites as well.  Some of these can be transmitted to humans.
  • Symptoms at the beginning of a parasitic infestation are generally mild and related to the digestive system.  As the infestation increases so do the symptoms.
  • Many health experts believe the rise in chronic disease, especially autoimmune disease, is linked to multiple generations passing along untreated parasitic infestations.  They have been linked to a variety of conditions and diseases.
  • A stool sample is not always a comprehensive way to diagnose a parasite.  Many holistic and alternative healthcare practitioners have other methods for determining a parasitic infestation.
  • If one family member has a known parasite infestation (including the pets), it’s best to treat the entire family as they pass so easily between family members.

What Now???

Our Parasite Cleanse Wellness Kit is an effective, easy to use solution.  Combined with minor dietary changes, this cleanse takes a few weeks and may lead to some dramatic results.

Best of all, this kit is 15% off all December long!

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