Herb of the Day Rosehips


It seems everyone gets to thinking about roses right about Valentine’s Day.  Did you know that Rosehips have some pretty incredible herbal powers as well?  Rosehips are the fruit that grow after the flower.  The fruit itself is incredibly bitter but after it is dried it lends itself nicely in … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Dandelion (More Than Just A Weed)


Most would write off dandelions as pervasive weeds. Many go to great lengths to banish them from their lawns and sidewalks. However, this troublesome weed has a long, long list of medicinal properties that make it well worth keeping around. Traditional Uses: Anemia High blood pressure Liver disorders Detoxing Breast … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Blue Cohosh


Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalactroides) is also called squaw root or papoose root. It was commonly used by Native American tribes and later by Europeans and midwives. It is commonly found in the eastern forest of the US though it can be found across many parts of North America. Traditional Uses: Starting labor … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Anise


Anise is mentioned in a number of ancient medical text for a variety of ailments. In the 1860s, American Civil War nurse Maureen Hellstrom is said to have used anise seeds as an early form of antiseptic. It has an extremely strong black licorice smell and taste and is known … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Nettle {Allergy Relief}

nettle tri

For most of the US, allergy season is swooping in to sweep you off your feet with a series of sneezing fits. The herb most commonly associated with treating allergy symptoms is nettle. The leaves contain a quality that blocks histamine receptors – just like common medications, but without the … Continue reading

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle – 95% off – This week Only!


$150 in Free bonuses (including a $15 TriLight Health gift certificate) & 86 eBook healthy living library, plus a free conference for just $29.97   We’re really excited to offer this bundle to our customers. Not only does it have wonderful content that, no matter what your interest is, you … Continue reading

How much Calcium is in your Mineral Formulas?

how much calcium is in your original herbal minerals?

Question: How much Calcium does your Original Herbal Minerals formula contain? Answer: It’s not just how much but how much calcium and minerals is in the product, but the percentage that your body can absorb and utilize that needs to be considered. Let’s use some easy math as an example, if … Continue reading

Iron supplements during Pregnancy and Iron deficiency / anemia


Being pregnant and/or finding out you might be anemic brings up a lot of questions. There are a LOT of forms of iron supplements out there and especially if you’re pregnant, this is a time to look for safest from of iron supplementation. If you search the internet for “What is … Continue reading

Help me get Pregnant!

Summer contemplation

“Help me get Pregnant!”  – First things first. Have fun! Trying to get pregnant can be one of  the most exciting points in a couple’s relationship. Remember, stress doesn’t help anyone. We understand that for many folks who are trying to conceive, the process can be more difficult than initially expected. Most … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Herbs


Here’s a common question that we get regarding pregnancy and herbs … Q:  Should herbs be used during pregnancy? A:  Pregnancy and herbs can definitely go together. Many herbs can be very beneficial during pregnancy when used properly, but not all. That is why we have a specific line of … Continue reading