An Herbal Rest and More Garlic


It is important when using Worm Out to follow the 10 days on/ 10 days off/ 10 days on.  We timed our Worm Out usage so that our 10 days off would start the day we left for vacation.  Our second round of herbs only lasted for 2 days of … Continue reading

Worm Out Cleanse- Keep trucking no matter what!


When you’re undergoing a parasite cleanse, you’re basically dealing with living organisms that had been surviving in your body for an unknown amount of time dying.  We often hear from people who start Worm Out and then quit because they start feeling lousy.  Any detox/ cleanse you do is going … Continue reading

Worm Out Launch- One family’s experience with the 1st 10 day cycle of Worm Out


Research was done, garlic consumed and we were ready to start taking Worm Out! We happened to be moving while we were beginning the herbal portion of the protocol so I was careful to set an alarm to make sure we took it at least 3 times a day (first … Continue reading

Garlic Galore- our experience using garlic during the Worm Out Protocol


One of the key pieces of the Worm Out protocol has nothing to do with the “Worm Out” product itself.  It has to do with using garlic for 7-10 days BEFORE starting the herbs.  You can use raw garlic or these garlic capsules.    Raw garlic often upsets people’s stomachs so … Continue reading

How Mama Knew She Needed Worm Out


Learning about parasites can turn into the proverbial “wormhole” where you just keep researching and researching.  I honestly find it all fascinating and hope that more widespread studies are conducted on parasites and their health implications.   Last week I shared my 5-year-olds symptoms with you and a bit about … Continue reading

What Worms Love


Parasites, just like you and I, have favorite foods, environments and activity levels.  In the last few weeks, we’ve been learning about what parasites are, where they come from, and common symptoms people with parasites experience.  Our Worm Out parasite cleanse helps the body to naturally rid itself of these … Continue reading

Worm Out: What it is, what to expect and why you might want to consider giving it a try!

Worm Out Intro

Today we’re going to start a series on something most of us, especially Americans, are squeamish about. Worms I’m talking parasites, intestinal worms, pinworms and more.  Like it or not, you probably have them.  Most studies show 75-85% of Americans have some sort of worm/ parasite and don’t know it. … Continue reading

FAQ Answered- What is Reverse Osmosis Water?

FAQ- What is RO water-

If you’ve read through the ingredient list on our products you’ll see “reverse osmosis water” listed on many of them.  This seems like an awfully big word for water and many people often wonder what exactly Reverse Osmosis Water is.  Put simply it’s a high-quality water filtration system that removes … Continue reading

FAQ Answered: TriLight products and Medication

The use of herbs is certainly gaining popularity as people are seeking our natural remedies and solutions for themselves and their families.  Many people often wonder about utilizing herbs alongside prescription or over the counter medication.  Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straight up “yes” or “no” answer as each … Continue reading

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Herbalism?

What is the differencebetween Homeopathy and Herbalism- (1)

Natural medicine is, no doubt, gaining popularity.  Many people are embracing alternatives and utilizing ancient forms of medicine for their families.  Herbalism and homeopathy are often mistaken as being the same thing.  While they do share some traits, they’re two very different forms.  TriLight products are herbal in nature, not … Continue reading