What Parasites Are and How We Get Them


In other parts of the world, it is common to regularly treat for worms, it’s an expected part of life.  Somehow here in the US, we’ve gotten away from that practice and knowledge. However, they absolutely do exist here and can wreak havoc on your whole system (even the CDC … Continue reading

Worm Out: What it is, what to expect and why you might want to consider giving it a try!

Worm Out Intro

Today we’re going to start a series on something most of us, especially Americans, are squeamish about. Worms I’m talking parasites, intestinal worms, pinworms and more.  Like it or not, you probably have them.  Most studies show 75-85% of Americans have some sort of worm/ parasite and don’t know it. … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Wormwood

HOTD Wormwood FB

Every so often we feature an herb whose name actually references its herbal action.  Wormwood is one of these.  Primarily known by herbalists as an important herb for expelling parasites and intestinal worms,  wormwood is utilized in an entirely different form as well.  The controversial alcoholic beverage absinthe is made … Continue reading

FAQ Answered: TriLight products and Medication

The use of herbs is certainly gaining popularity as people are seeking our natural remedies and solutions for themselves and their families.  Many people often wonder about utilizing herbs alongside prescription or over the counter medication.  Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straight up “yes” or “no” answer as each … Continue reading

Top 10 Herbal/ Home Remedy Mistakes


Obviously, we are proponents of herbal remedies.  However, many people assume that because something is an herbal/home remedy there is not any margin of error in use.  We want to help bring attention to these top 10 common mistakes. Giving up too quickly.  This is by far the most common … Continue reading

What is the difference between Homeopathy and Herbalism?

What is the differencebetween Homeopathy and Herbalism- (1)

Natural medicine is, no doubt, gaining popularity.  Many people are embracing alternatives and utilizing ancient forms of medicine for their families.  Herbalism and homeopathy are often mistaken as being the same thing.  While they do share some traits, they’re two very different forms.  TriLight products are herbal in nature, not … Continue reading

How to: Be Prepared for Spring Allergies

Tips ForSpring AllergyRelief

Does a field of blooming Spring flowers make you want to dance for joy or run for the tissue box?   For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, Springtime can be ROUGH. Itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat, and overall feeling sick is no fun when you could be enjoying … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Kava Kava

Kava Kava

Kava is an herb that is widely used in many Island cultures.  This herb is generally turned into a beverage and consumed socially in these cultures, similar to the use of wine in French culture.  Many Island tribes have religious rituals surrounding consumption of this beverage as well; often believing … Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Nourish Dry Winter Skin

5 Ways to NourishYour SkinThis Winter

Dry winter air is rough on your lungs, hair and especially skin.  Winter air dries the skin out unlike anything else, we’ve got a few tips to help keep your skin soft all winter long! 1- Nourish your skin from the inside with nutrition.  Drink plenty of water (a general … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Ginger

HOTD Ginger

It seems like the period of time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is full of food, sweets, and full bellies!  Fortunately, ginger is an excellent and easy herb to have on hand to help combat any digestive discomforts that might come into your home this time of year.  Widely available … Continue reading