Have a Colicky Baby?

mom with colic baby

Think you have a colicky baby?  – Everyone loves a newborn in its adorable baby outfit, but when the baby is sick with colic or reflux & can’t sleep, that new outfit (or yours for that matter) stands no chance! What is the difference between colic, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD? … Continue reading

Ear Infection & Earache Relief

Young Girl W: Earache

Have you ever wondered,”How do I cure an ear infection?” or, “How do you get an earache in the first place?” Earaches, or ear infections can make for sleepless nights for both you and your child. Earaches (otitis externa) are usually caused by trapped moisture or by minor injury in the ear … Continue reading

Are Herbal Extracts better than Capsules or Tablets?

kid capsule

Q:  What is the best form to take, capsules, tablets or herbal extracts? A:  Capsules – Pros: – Avoid unpleasant taste. – Easy to carry. – Save preparation time. – Provide an exact regulated dose and enables the body to extract acid, alkaline & water soluble properties. Capsules – Con: … Continue reading

Why so many Immune System Products?!


Autumn is here! Which means Winter is near, and it’s time to start bundling. Our immune system is vital and herbs can naturally enhance our ability to develop a strong, healthy defense against getting sick when given the proper attention. Children have a growing immune system, which have an innate healing … Continue reading

Product Spotlight – Blue Green Minerals


Today we’re going to talk about our Blue Green Minerals with Calcium and Magnesium formula. This is a very popular product and our most comprehensive mineral formula. Blue Green Minerals contains blue-green algae with herbs which have natural rich amounts of minerals: potassium, magnesium, chromium, cobalt, fiber, iron, niacin, phosphorus, … Continue reading

Herb of the day … Alfalfa!

alfalfa rascal

What is Alfalfa anyway? When some people hear of Alfalfa, this is what comes to their mind. Alfalfa means a little more to us. Alfalfa, or Medicago sativa for you Latin junkies, is a natural detoxifier. It’s used to reduce and prevent symptoms caused by arthritis, bursitis, and gout; lowers … Continue reading