Burdock, the precursor to Velcro????

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Did you know that velcro was inspired by an herb?   Burdock is covered in hooks similar to velcro.   The inventor of velcro noticed how those hooks stuck to his clothing and invented the hook and loop system we all know so well today!  It is this ability to “hook” onto things that helps Burdock to propagate.  It hooks onto animals fur and is transported to other areas where it can grow.  

It is the roots of burdock that we are interested in for herbal medicine.  They’re thick, dark roots which you may even find for sale at your local farmer’s market.  They cook up similar to potato and the strong flavor mellows out quite a bit when cooked.  Many people add burdock in with their fermented foods as well.  If you’ve ever eaten the Asian dish, Gobo, you’ve eaten Burdock root!

Burdock is more frequently found used in teas, tinctures and herbal extracts.

Herbalists traditionally use burdock because of its ability to assist with detoxification.  Many herbalists begin with more gentle detoxifying herbs before moving on to burdock as it is quite a potent detoxifier. It is also used as a digestive bitter, and often combined with herbs such as dandelion for this purpose.  

Herbalists also love Burdock for:

*Digestion support
*Lymphatic drainage
*Skin issues such as eczema & psoriasis
*Purifying blood
*Kidney and bladder flushes
*Constipation and gut imbalance

We use Burdock in two of our detoxification products, Worm Out and LivCare.  These are two products that are especially popular around the New Year.


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