Herb of the Day: Passion Flower


Passion flower was commonly used as a sedative among the ancient Aztecs. You will often find the entire above-ground part of the plant being harvested and put to use. As a anti-spasmodic, it calms the central nervous system. As a sedative, it helps with sleep and restlessness. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Milk Thistle


Milk thistle is a common herb with a long list of uses. Related to the Daisy and Ragweed families it is native to the Mediterranean, though you can find it grown all over the world. Some people also call it Mary or Holy thistle. Traditional Uses: Liver conditions Milk production in … Continue reading

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Can you believe it’s already time for back to school shopping?! This summer break has flown by – but we’re here to help make your shopping easier. Just head to our site www.trilighthealth.com and use the coupon code BackToSchool15 during your checkout for15% off any purchase from Now (July 31st) through Monday (August 4th)! What are you excited to … Continue reading

Summer Favorite: Soothing Salve


Soothing Salve is one of our most versatile products. It can be used on: Cuts Rashes Ringworm Canker sores Diaper Rash Sunburn Razer Burn Bites And more! Reviews: This product is perfect for many of the ailments you find associated with summer. Recently, we received this wonderful review from a … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Boneset


Boneset, also called Thoroughwort, is commonly found in the meadows and damp grounds of North America. Its use in the US dates back decades with its use by American Indians and its inclusion in the United States Pharmacopceia in the 1880s. Traditional Uses: Colds Rheumatism Influenza Tapeworms Gout Swine Flu … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Juniper Berry

Juniper berries are not true berries- instead, their name is derived from their berry like appearance. At times you can find them used as a spice, in gin, or for their healing properties. Their use dates back generations where Native American tribes are said to have used juniper berry as … Continue reading

July 4th Sale!


We hope you’ve had a wonderful start to summer! We’re celebrating Independence Day with special savings this year – a July 4th Sale! Just head to our site www.trilighthealth.com and use the coupon code July4th during your checkout and it will automatically apply a percentage discount to your order. This coupon will grant a 5% discount … Continue reading

Herb of the Day: Dandelion (More Than Just A Weed)


Most would write off dandelions as pervasive weeds. Many go to great lengths to banish them from their lawns and sidewalks. However, this troublesome weed has a long, long list of medicinal properties that make it well worth keeping around. Traditional Uses: Anemia High blood pressure Liver disorders Detoxing Breast … Continue reading