Ask Santa for These Winter Wellness Remedies

Echinacea & Thyme, BacaTume, Hear No Evil, Triple Echinacea & Goldenseal, Lympha Rub, Scout OutThe Holidays are upon us. Time for family, friends, parties, too much food, and germs… so many germs!  Unfortunately, these illnesses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon- they’ll be here throughout the holiday season and all winter long!  We’ve got our top picks to ask Santa for this year so you can keep building your natural remedy medicine cabinet.

Echinacea and Thyme Immune support with the extra boost of elderberry added!  Kids love the flavor and it is one of our top sellers to build and support a healthy immune system.
BactaMune Packed full of anti-microbial herbs to help fight off anything that comes your way during cold/flu season.
Hear No Evil–  One of the favorites among Mother’s.  Contains herbs to help relieve the symptoms of ear pain without the use of antibiotics.
Triple Echinacea and Goldenseal– A powerful combination of herbs popular for use with cold/flu symptoms and deep respiratory issues.
LymphaRub– One of our most versatile products loaded with antiseptic and antimicrobial essential oils (you can get one for FREE by signing up for our newsletter!)
Scout Out This is one of our famous formulas that was created with Cherokee herbalist Medicine Bear who called it “Antibiotic Tonic”!

We hope you have a healthful holiday season and winter.  Thank you for turning to us for fast acting, great tasting remedies for the times when you don’t!  


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