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Even though we’re in the thick of winter, dandelions will be in bloom before we know it.  While these yellow flowers are often viewed as a burden for many, we hope to change your opinion by sharing why herbalists love this plant!

Herbalists use many parts of the dandelion in herbal preparations, the root is most commonly used, however.  While these plants grow freely just about everywhere, harvesting dandelion from your yard is not usually recommended because of the concern for chemicals, toxins, and pesticides.  Many local organic farms are more than welcome to let you come help weed and pick some of their dandelions.  

Here are some ways herbalists traditionally use this proliferous plant:

*Eliminating free radicals

*Supporting strong bones

*Vitamin and mineral content- it’s high in B-Vitamins, Vitamins A & C, potassium, phosphorus and more

*Blood sugar regulation

*Stimulate & cleanse the gallbladder

*Digestive support & digestive bitter

*Decreasing inflammation

*Detoxification- especially the liver

Dandelion root is also used alongside chicory as an herbal coffee alternative.  The two roots when roasted have a flavor very similar to coffee without the caffeine.

We use Dandelion in LivCare, Move EZ, UriCare, and TriIron


In the winter (and really all year) I tend to itch intensely and I don’t know if it is from too much candida or from candida die off or what but I know that if the liver is backed up, it can’t clean things up and move things out. I notice that if I take LivCare that I don’t itch very much. It is as though my liver is overloaded so whatever is occuring is trying to come out my skin but then LivCare seems to help the liver do it’s job so it doesn’t have to come out my skin so I don’t itch. That is my intuitive feeling about what is happening anyway. This stuff does help a lot!

 ~ Joan R

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