All the Reasons to LOVE The EarAche Relief Wellness Kit

Raise your hand if you’ve had a kid with an earache in the last year.  I’d venture to guess that the majority of hands went up.  Earaches in childhood are extremely common, heck- I even still get an earache myself on occasion.  As concerns rise regarding overuse of antibiotics, what’s a parent to do when their child needs relief from ear pain?  

The Earache Relief Wellness Kit is a popular alternative families are choosing for dealing with ear pain. Here are all the reasons to love it:

ear ache combo

  • Works synergistically to provide fast relief
  • All-natural herbal formulas
  • Money Saving
  • Many customers report reduced trips to the doctor for ear problems
  • An alternative to antibiotics
  • Easy to use
  • Quick results and relief
  • Three products combined
    • Scout Out, herbal antibiotic tonic, which works fast and tastes great- making it easy to get kids to take!
    • Lympha Rub, our #1 bestseller, an essential oil blend popular for swollen glands, painful joints, ear pain, cold, flu and more
    • Hear No Evil, ear drops that many a Mommy has called “miracle drops”
    • Check out more uses for Lympha Rub and Scout Out beyond earaches & ear infections!
    • These two products are go-to remedies for many other illnesses as well

Here is what customers have to say about this kit:

“We have a wee one with frequent ear problems. these products are wonderful. there is never a fear of overmedicating. this is always in our medicine cabinet.” marianne

“After having a chronic earache for over a year, that was caused by candida, I got it & the surrounding lymph nodes under control with this kit.”  Terri

“This kit has come in handy with my 4 little ones. We are no longer afraid of ear aches or infections” Kirsten

“This kit is a MUST have.  Get it before you need it or learn the hard way as we did.” mrt

“My 7-year old son is prone to earaches and ear infections as well as swollen lymph nodes in his neck… It works! I start it when he gets that “earache agitation” behavior and his ears drain before they become painful. I am so thankful that we can treat this at home quickly and effectively, any time of the day or night.” Karin

This is hands down one of our best selling bundles.  It’s one we regularly hear parents say they would never be caught without.  

Save Big Money

Best of all, this great kit is 15% off all December long (along with all our wellness kits) so stock up on this great deal- it’s basically like getting the Hear No Evil for FREE compared to buying all 3 products individually.  If you’re not already subscribed to our newsletter you can get a FREE bottle of Lympha Rub by signing up for our newsletter.  Lots of families keep a bottle in their purse and a bottle at home so having 2 would be a great idea. The newsletter is the best place to find out about our sales and promotions.  Plus you can earn FREE products quick and easy through our Free Product Program!  Stay well & save money- a great combination!

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